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     The Scouting Report (TSR) is an independent source of free hockey prospect information provided by many passionate hockey prospect followers from across North America. Created in July 2009, TSR has steadily grown into a dependable source of online prospect coverage and draft rankings. We do not claim to be a professional group, and instead serve the mission of providing hockey fans around the world with easily accessible content, free of charge.

     In our first season of operation, 2009/2010, TSR saw a considerable amount of growth from its inception. What originated as a three man operation, our team quickly blossomed to a staff of 6 contributors from across Canada and the United States. TSR’s series of NHL Draft Rankings proved to be the site’s biggest draw during the season, drawing the most traffic from readers as well as being syndicated across numerous other sites. Weekly features and updates from around the world of hockey prospects also proved to be a big draw, however, and helped TSR forge a reputation as a reliable site for prospect coverage.

     A successful inaugural season was the catalyst for rapid growth moving into the 2010/2011 season. With the addition of several more contributors, the quantity, and quality of content continued was augmented and reception has been positive. With a new website, logo, and overhaul of social media platforms, the new image has been one of success. TSR saw considerable growth during the second season, bringing in over 274,000 visitors and over 650,000 pageviews, which saw traffic increase by over 106% from the first year.

     Moving into our third season, TSR continues to strive to be a leader for reliable hockey prospect coverage. Our team continues to see new additions and with former contributors moving on to new opportunities in the game of hockey, we’re proud of our ability to help assist dedicated amateur scouts on their quest to find a path in the industry.

     On behalf of the TSR staff, we thank you for your continued support of the site and look forward to providing you with more prospect coverage in the future!

- Scott Campbell


  • Hey Scott,

    Love your website I am just starting to blog and I am going to get a domain name next week and go live. Let me know if you have interest in linking our websites together and maybe get more clicks. I am hoping to get some sponsorship and advertising. Let me know buddy, thanks.

  • King of one-liners

    Hey Scott and Scott

    Very nice website. It’s refreshing to find a site that concentrates on quality original content. I thoroughly enjoyed your articles and appreciate that you haven’t tried to overwhelm the reader with flashy flash or gimmicks that would just bog it down or make it frustrating to go through. Keep up the good work, hope you continue adding articles. Sincerely.


    This Web-site has terrific potential especially that you can link to many other Hockey Sites-Nice Work-I will be watching-Very best wishes, JIM DEVELLANO, Sr. Vice-President Detroit Red Wings (NHL) & Detroit Tigers (MLB)

  • Wendell White

    It is refreshing to read hockey information that is not influenced by the politics of hockey media, its commentators and the abundance of unnecessary entertainment glitter. Stay true to your excellent commentary values.

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